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Ordinary therapists will only see their clients once a week, sometimes just once a fortnight. However, this is typically not convenient. One cannot expect to learn how to dance if one only practices for one hour per week, it would take a long time to learn even the basics. However, with two lessons per week, one learns far quicker and with three, quicker still; although in practice most clients prefer two sessions per week. I want to encourage people to commit to therapy much like they would commit to learning how to dance or how to learn any skill for that matter: make time more than once per week to practice. Philosophical therapy is about learning the practice of virtuous living. For this reason, I have set up a flat rate of AU$80 per session. This is to encourage people to book more than one session each week to help them progress at their desired pace.  Lower prices can be negotiated for people wanting multiple sessions or who are in financial stress.

Australia $100
USA $61
UK £50
Canada $86
NZ $102
  •  If you live in a country other than the ones listed in this table, we can make arrangements
  • All payments through PayPal in AUD
  • Currency conversion may not be up to date!

Once a person has mastered the basics and started their journey to recovery, having fewer sessions per week is preferable. Eventually one should not need to have regular sessions as one takes full responsibility for one’s well-being. If you wish to have sessions with me in conjunction with your regular therapist, I am happy to accommodate your needs.