“Jason has been a tremendous help in gaining insight into the causes of personal unhappiness, and how they can best be addressed. What I find most valuable about talking with him is his understanding that feelings are not a medical problem to be cured, but rather a response to a situation. In this way he takes what I say more seriously that many other therapists I have visited, and is able to correct errors in reasoning and judgment in a very constructive manner. Furthermore, his emphasis on a clear locus of agency has helped to reduce my anxiety about things outside of my control as well as provided helpful advice for making possible changes within it. I strongly recommend Jason to anyone that is looking for assistance in their personal life and wishes to avoid the condescending tone that is present in much of psychology today.”

-Male, age 28, Canadian

“Jason has been one of the best therapists I have seen. He is a kind, compassionate listener who shows genuine empathy and I always feel like he really understands where I am coming from. He has helped me a lot to understand my emotions and to develop the kind of curiosity that enhances my self-knowledge. Since working with Jason, I have a much better grasp on what my problems are, where they come from, and healthy ways of addressing them. He is not afraid of talking about difficult topics or uncomfortable emotions. In the past, I have had therapists who, because they were uncomfortable with my experiences, did not want to help me explore the things in my past which were causing me the most problems in my present. Jason dives head first into these topics and I feel like I made rapid progress with him in the span of just a few months. I really appreciated the experience I had with him of being listened to and feeling like someone was on my side for the first time in my life and I also appreciated that he challenged me to stop thinking like a victim and take control of my life back.”

-Female, age 30, Melbourne

“Jason stood out to me with his kindness and uncompromised support. He combines philosophical rigor and a deep understanding of psychological dynamics with a genuine fascination with other people’s lives. In working with him I have been able to detect and understand long-standing dysfunctional patterns that have kept me from making greater strides in my life. His sympathetic listening, encouragement and intellectual insight provided me with increased confidence and self-esteem. I have experienced Jason as someone solidly grounded in reality and passionate about his profession. He is a wonderful example of a great online free market therapist that the world needs many more of.”

-Male, age 24, Germany