About Me


My name is Jason. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in emotions, relationships, and human behaviour. My interest in academic philosophy took root when I took my first philosophy course in university at age 18. There is a saying that “the mind, once stretched, can never return to its original size” and this is what I felt the study of philosophy did for me. I did end up getting my B.A. in philosophy, but believed at the time there was no place in the world for a paid philosopher, so I also obtained a B.S. in cell biology and later pursued a Ph.D. in neuroscience that led to me working as a clinical therapist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In the meantime, I helped to run youth groups, mentor teenagers, volunteered with homeless people, worked in primary schools, and worked professionally as a behavioural therapist for children and adults with autism and intellectual disabilities.  While volunteering to work on a soup van with homeless people in Melbourne, I found my beliefs about mental illness challenged.  I saw a lot of people on street drugs and prescription drugs. I also got to see how many people we call “the less fortunate” live their lives.  Listening to these people, it occurred to me one day that they weren’t homeless because they were stupid or poor, but because they couldn’t make good decisions, which lead me to an intriguing thought: is mental illness really a chemical imbalance or just a lack of decision making skills?

Over the years, my own life was far from free of bad decisions.  I often found myself thinking, “Why did I make such a bad decision?  How can know what the best decision to make is?”  These ordeals led me to having to do much self-work over the years in order to become the person I am and to be able to help people to the degree that I can. I believe that my own experiences in successful personal healing, as well as my academic and professional background, have made me well situated to offer guidance to others. Thanks to this experience, I genuinely understand how difficult self-improvement can be and how beneficial it can be to have the right kind of support when undertaking such a journey.

Healing souls is my passion and what I believe is my calling in life. I enjoy helping people recover from past traumas and seeing them grow as people and achieve their full potential. I apply my knowledge of philosophical reasoning, my personal and professional experiences, my academic background, and my natural empathy to assist my clients in overcoming whatever problem may face them. I find nothing more rewarding than this.

I do not believe in determinism. I believe all human beings have free will and have the ability to be in control of their own lives. While we are all shaped by our past experiences, some of which were not in our control, we do not have to become perpetual victims of the injustices done to us. I encourage my clients towards an attitude of personal responsibility, self-awareness, and compassionate self-acceptance. I place a strong emphasis on developing healthy self-esteem as an essential part of overcoming past traumas and growing into the person you were meant to be.