I Am On Odysee

After a hectic start to 2021 I am finally back into making videos. At the start of this year I had a series of calamities the likes of which seemed ridiculous… I mean… the number of things that went wrong at the same time was far above statistical norms. For starters my ISP cut my internet for 27 days straight. It had nothing to do with my videos or viewpoints, at least I’ve seen no evidence it was related to this. The problem is my ISP couldn’t explain why my internet wasn’t connected either. While this was happening, my car broke down twice… and then I was in a car accident that wrote off my freshly, and expensively, repaired car. On top of this I had work pouring in and literally had to ride my bike everywhere for two weeks straight at one point. I didn’t miss a single work appointment, but boy did my legs hurt after so much cycling. All these events overlapped with each other, I had no time for socialising or reading or anything creative, and it was three months before I had sorted everything out and I was settled with a new car, new work schedule, and working Internet. While this was all happening I just pushed making videos and writing posts completely to the side to focus on getting my life in order.

During this time, BitChute didn’t improve any of their features, while Odysee improved in leaps and bounds. Since 80% of the time my uploads to BitChute don’t work and there’s no explanation why, I’ve decided I think I would prefer to focus on Odysee for sharing my unique blend of psychology, philosophy, politics and religion. Use this link to find my Odysee channel and let’s see if I can embed my latest video below… I’m not sure if WordPress supports Odysee thumbnails yet so there might just be a naked URL. I will attempt to keep BitChute updated with my latest videos but when an upload fails 4 or 5 times in a row I do tend to just give up. So far Odysee has been more reliable.


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