WIFTM: The Feminist Conspiracy

Continuing on from the rabbit hole I stepped into after reading “The Naked Communist” I’ve made the first of what will probably be several videos about psychological warfare. That is deliberately bad ideas being spread through the media: in newspapers, television programs, advertisement, memes, social media, government outlets, mental health professionals, focus groups, political parties, magazines, and through the education system. These are ideas that would have made our great grandparents’ stomachs churned with revulsion. In this video I shared a couple of a insights into feminism I’ve had since finishing the book.

So what did I forget to mention? Well, at first I thought I had said everything I wanted to say, but as always, while uploading this video I suddenly thought to myself, “what about the other women who have been harmed by feminism?” Mrs. Browder obviously had suffered the consequences of the bad ideas she was putting into women’s heads, most notably her abortion, and she wrote this book to right a wrong in her past. However, there are millions of miserable, lonely, childless, family-less, women who naively followed feminism’s advice and it left their lives in the inevitable Hell it was designed to create. Where are these women? Why are they silent? Are there organisations of “ex-feminists” out there campaigning against feminism to right the wrongs of their past?

It bothers me because I once supported feminism; I realised ten years ago when the slutwalk movement started that it was working against the interests of women, and so I stopped supporting feminism. I had the view at the time that it used to be a legitimate movement, but it had somehow gone astray. However, in recent weeks I’ve changed my mind. Feminist ideas are simply too bad to be by accident. The advice to tell women to act like men in order to self-actualise is simply too far up the wrong alley for it to be simply an innocent mistake. It reeks of planned deliberate cultural sabotage. I no longer believe feminism was an organic movement. I think it was a contrived movement created to continue the military conquests of the USSR by other means. Because I once supported feminism I feel I owe it to myself, to my own conscience, for the terrible misdeeds that I have done in the past to myself and to others by spreading feminists ideas, to do something about stopping feminism. To this effect; my video today is nothing short but an act of repentance for my own wrong doing in the past to relieve my conscience.

‘WIFTM’ means “What I Forgot To Mention”

However, there are millions of women who were more badly impacted and damaged than I could ever have been. Those women who listened to feminists ideas and made terrible life decisions. They may have: rejected marriage with an honest man, foregone motherhood to pursue a meaningless career, broken up and destroyed their family with affairs and unneeded divorces, murdered their own children in the womb, etc… Where are these wounded women? Surely they have had years of loneliness to reflect on their bad decisions? Surely they’ve figured out the feminists lied to them? Surely they all haven’t gone completely mad with pain from the consequences? Could they please speak up because we need these women. It would really help them sleep at night if they put some energy into pushing back against the people who sold them falsehoods. These women have a valuable role to play in setting things straight and fixing the damage done. We need these women to speak up and warn young girls of the dangerous ideas being spread through magazines like Cosmo. Another generation of girls don’t have to grow up being subjected to life-ruining bad ideas. You can still make a powerful difference in this life for the good of women. Even if it is only to sit down with a sister or a niece and watch my video with her and discuss it with them. Help them to take seriously the possibility that the people promoting feminism are not on their side at all.

For my next video in this series I’m thinking about doing it one the “self-esteem” movement promoted in education or on the transgender issue as I have some personal insight into this topic so I hope it will help people think about the topic more broadly. However, if you can think of something else I should talk about in regards to conspiracies to destroy our nation then please by all means either comment here or on my video and I will take it into consideration!

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