I Am On Odysee

After a hectic start to 2021 I am finally back into making videos. At the start of this year I had a series of calamities the likes of which seemed ridiculous… I mean… the number of things that went wrong at the same time was far above statistical norms. For starters my ISP cut my internet for 27 days straight. It had nothing to do with my videos or viewpoints, at least I’ve seen no evidence it was related to this. The problem is my ISP couldn’t explain why my internet wasn’t connected either. While this was happening, my car broke down twice… and then I was in a car accident that wrote off my freshly, and expensively, repaired car. On top of this I had work pouring in and literally had to ride my bike everywhere for two weeks straight at one point. I didn’t miss a single work appointment, but boy did my legs hurt after so much cycling. All these events overlapped with each other, I had no time for socialising or reading or anything creative, and it was three months before I had sorted everything out and I was settled with a new car, new work schedule, and working Internet. While this was all happening I just pushed making videos and writing posts completely to the side to focus on getting my life in order.

During this time, BitChute didn’t improve any of their features, while Odysee improved in leaps and bounds. Since 80% of the time my uploads to BitChute don’t work and there’s no explanation why, I’ve decided I think I would prefer to focus on Odysee for sharing my unique blend of psychology, philosophy, politics and religion. Use this link to find my Odysee channel and let’s see if I can embed my latest video below… I’m not sure if WordPress supports Odysee thumbnails yet so there might just be a naked URL. I will attempt to keep BitChute updated with my latest videos but when an upload fails 4 or 5 times in a row I do tend to just give up. So far Odysee has been more reliable.


The Ultimate Dating Red Flag

Years ago dating red flags used to be all the rage. It seemed as though everyone collectively came to the conclusion that if we all compiled lists of qualities we found undesirable in the opposite sex it would somehow magically make dating a lot easier. Sadly, I think it has done the opposite. I wasn’t going to write a “What I Forgot To Mention” post for this particular video because I think I did a pretty decent job this time. However, an unsettling thought occurred to me just now. What if making lists of red flags was itself a red flag? It fits perfectly with my video about the ultimate red flag, because what could be more entitled than having a list of red flags to look out for in a partner.

I was reading a thread on Reddit today about “I like this guy, but he doesn’t look attractive to me, should I keep dating him or just stop now?” The thread was full of happily married men and women all saying they felt the same way about their spouse in the first few dates after meeting each other, but later when they got to know their partner said they discovered he/she was actually incredibly attractive they just hadn’t noticed it when they didn’t know him/her. Could it be that the people making lists of things they want in a sexual partner, namely “must look attractive” are just declaring their entitlement? Almost certainly that is the case.

This is a bit of a tragic thought to finish on, but take a moment to think about how many beautiful couples never got married because of entitlement. How many children were never born because “I could do better” or “I deserve everything I want”. The perfect is the enemy of good. It’s time this culture of entitlement came to an end. Please help end it by sharing my video anywhere you think it should go and helping to point out to other people the dangers of unrealistic expectations from life and other people.

WIFTM: The Feminist Conspiracy

Continuing on from the rabbit hole I stepped into after reading “The Naked Communist” I’ve made the first of what will probably be several videos about psychological warfare. That is deliberately bad ideas being spread through the media: in newspapers, television programs, advertisement, memes, social media, government outlets, mental health professionals, focus groups, political parties, magazines, and through the education system. These are ideas that would have made our great grandparents’ stomachs churned with revulsion. In this video I shared a couple of a insights into feminism I’ve had since finishing the book.

So what did I forget to mention? Well, at first I thought I had said everything I wanted to say, but as always, while uploading this video I suddenly thought to myself, “what about the other women who have been harmed by feminism?” Mrs. Browder obviously had suffered the consequences of the bad ideas she was putting into women’s heads, most notably her abortion, and she wrote this book to right a wrong in her past. However, there are millions of miserable, lonely, childless, family-less, women who naively followed feminism’s advice and it left their lives in the inevitable Hell it was designed to create. Where are these women? Why are they silent? Are there organisations of “ex-feminists” out there campaigning against feminism to right the wrongs of their past?

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